Hunger Games Withdrawal Symptoms

After reading the entire THG series many times over and having seen the movie three times in the theatre, you kind of run out of HG related things to do. Short of rereading the books AGAIN, all I have left to do is wait for Catching Fire to come out in OVER a YEAR. Soo I decided to compile a list of withdrawal symptoms so that other HG fans will know they are not alone and/or going crazy and also so that prospective fans will know the risks 🙂

1. You have “liked” at least five HG pages on Facebook

2. You get email update on the IMDB Catching Fire page

3. You want a/another mockingjay

4. You want a/another HG tshirt

5. You are either “team Peeta” or “team Gale” or team thisisn’ttwilightpeople”

6. Your HG calendar has a countdown to Catching Fire

7. You watch movies with the Catching Fire cast in them as “research”

8. You have a strategy if you are ever reaped

9. You wear a braid more often than you care to admit

10. You beg your parents for archery lessons

11. You want to sleep in a tree

12. You almost WANT to live in Panem

13. You almost WANT to be reaped

14. You already have your district identification for

15. You have the DVD or have preordered it already

16. You either constantly whistle Rue’s four note melody or want to learn to whistle so you can do just that

17. You are acquainted with at least three HG parodies from youtube

18. You are going to be Katniss for halloween

19. You want to know what the deal with wild turkey is

20. You want to or have actually tried to cook Katniss’s favourite meal

21. You pick holes in the movie even though it was amazing

22. You have persuaded your mum and your older sibling to read the book and have forced them into promising to watch the movie

23. You didn’t talk to your older sister for a week after she said that Peeta was a creepy stalker and Katniss was unlikeable. Also that she didn’t like the book. 

24. You bought “songs from district 12 and beyond”

25. Your computer auto fills “hunger games” whenever you type “h” into google

26. You are in love with Finnick

27. You can name all the districts and their main industries and are seriously considering purchasing the corresponding nail polishes from China Glaze

28. All real life boys have been spoiled for you

29. You have a concrete argument for why Katniss should get a restraining order on Gale

30. You sit reading and writing HG withdrawal symptom lists



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